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A new voice for a new district

My name is Matt Gross and I am running to be your next state senator.

I was born and raised in Seattle and have a deep, enduring love for this city.

As a prosecutor, I’ve spent my professional career at the King County Courthouse in Pioneer Square. When I go into work, I see the clear challenges we face as a society before even stepping foot in the building.

Unaddressed homelessness, mental illness, and drug addiction are causing unnecessary suffering in our community.

We cannot ignore these problems.

And we aren’t going to police, prosecute or sweep our way out of them. Those are shortsighted solutions to deep-seated issues.

True public safety comes from stability.

We must focus on boosting access to housing, mental health care, and drug treatment.

If we do, we can actually prevent crime, not just punish it.

Let’s build a safe and thriving city our kids will love as much as we do.

Let’s do this work together.

Matt Gross
[email protected]