The Job

What is a state senator?

A state senator is a lawmaker who serves in the Washington State Senate.

The Senate and the House of Representatives are the two chambers in the State Legislature.

Washington is divided into 49 legislative districts. Each district elects 2 state representatives every 2 years. Each district elects 1 state senator every 4 years.

Because the districts are relatively small, your state senator should be your most accessible and in touch elected official. 

The Legislature convenes in Olympia once a year. In odd numbered years, the legislative session is 120 days and lawmakers are tasked with passing a 2 year state budget. In even numbered years, the legislative session is 60 days.

What is the 46th legislative district?

The 46th legislative district, nicknamed “the Fighting 46th”, covers most of Northeast Seattle. The boundaries were recently redrawn and the new district map is below.